Travel Preparation

What you can do :

  • Familiarise your pet with travelling in the car in a travel crate.
  • Ensure your pet is well hydrated 48 hrs prior to flying.
  • Feed your pet a light meal at least 8hrs prior to flight.
  • Include a favourite toy or blanket with familiar scent to comfort your pet during transportation.
  • Do not sedate your pet unless specifically recommended by your vet. Sedated pets travelling at flying altitude can be susceptible to dehydration, disorientation and travel sickness.
  • Avoid coats or accessories on your pet instead attach to outside of crate.
  • Take your pet for a walk or at least allow it to stretch its legs before they go into the travel crate.
  • Provide a mobile contact number so our pet transport specialist can contact you about any changes during your pets’ journey.
  • Ensure your pets’ vaccinations, flea treatment and worming are up to date.