Animal Transport Services

pet-venHave you ever thought of transporting your pet safely from one place to another ?
You would want your pet to be transported safely in a nurturing environment – because it can happen that in all the rush of relocating, you may forget or overlook your pet’s needs.
Well now you needn’t worry because Premier Pet Transport offers animal transport services in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria by road or air. If you need to transport your pet locally but don’t have the time or means, we can help.
We also have representatives in all major cities in Australia to provide a similar animal transport service in each state.
Premier Pet Transport has made animal transport in Melbourne and anywhere in Victoria or across Australia and even overseas, easier and convenient. We not only take care of the pet itself but provide a comfortable caring environment and arrange all the details for your pet relocation service.
For animal transport in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria you want the best for your pet Premier Pet Transport delivers 100% efficient animal transport services every time and ensures we will care for your pet as if it were our own, and reaches you safely without delay.

Cat Transport Melbourne

Are you a cat lover and love to travel ? Do you want your cat to travel with you ?
At Premier Pet Transport, we provide specialised cat transport in Melbourne, or anywhere in Victoria or Australia or even across the globe.
So why not take puss with you, especially if you are making a major decision like moving to a new neighbourhood, city or country. There is no reason to leave your cat behind, Premier Pet Transport can make all the arrangements for you , to make your relocation easy and stress free.
Are you purchasing a new cat or kitten from a breeder interstate ?
Premier Pet Transport can provide the ultimate solution for your cat transport in Melbourne and around Australia at an affordable price. We also provide pet carriers for sale or hire crates ( for door to door service only)

Dog Transport Melbourne

Dogs are said to be “Man’s best friend” so when it comes to going on holiday, moving house or relocating interstate or overseas, wouldn’t you want your best friend cared for with the love and respect they deserve and travel in stress free comfort. We can organise the flights, transit and comfort stops for destinations right across Australia.
At Premier Pet Transport we provide specialist dog transport in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria and all states in Australia or even across the globe.
We can provide airport to airport service allowing the owner to personally lodge and collect their dog directly at the airport or a door to door service or a combination of both. We can organise pickup, delivery, boarding and anything in between.
Dog transport in Melbourne by Premier Pet Transport is a recognised service and we cater to every dog’s safety and comfort during travel. We have a wide range of crates available in different sizes in varying strengths to accommodate all breeds of dogs. We provide crate for sale or hire.