Dog Transport Melbourne

Moving to a new city entails a lot of stress as you need to take all you have, including your pets. Traveling with your dog to another city, state or country is certainly a daunting task as there can be strict rules and procedures that should be fulfilled to make a move. At Premier Pet Transport, we have a team of well trained professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in dog transport Melbourne.

How will we assist you?

  • With years of experience in pet transport industry, we deploy our expertise to guide our customers through the procedures involved in dog transport. Our team is happy to assist and direct you through the regulations of pet transport in and out of Melbourne.
  • We will complete the documentation works and provide quality travel crates to ensure that your dog travels comfortably and safety throughout the journey. Whether you have puppies or a full grown dog, we provide the right facilities and care ensuring that your pets travel in a secure and cozy environment.
  • At Premier Pet Transport, we guarantee that your dogs are handled by trained professionals. Your pet will be taken complete care and any signs of illness will be checked by an experienced veterinarian.
  • Dog transport may turn out to be an overwhelming process based on which part of the world you decide to travel. At Premier Pet Transport, we provide necessary assistance for dog transport to simplify the process and give you peace of mind.

Our specialized services:

  • Door to door dog transport
  • Domestic dog transport
  • Interstate dog transport
  • International dog transport

We are pleased to assist you! So, call us 0419 566 895 today!