Crate Hire or Sales

We supply a comprehensive range of air travel crates for purchase or hire. Pet crates come in various shapes, sizes and materials but not all are suitable for air travel. It is important to have the correct size travel crate to ensure maximum comfort and security. There are generally two types of crates used for the international transport of animals being plastic or timber. We can also have a custom built timber crate to meet any size requirements. All our crates meet IATA standards and are airline approved. A suitable crate is one in which your pet can stand upright, turn around and be able to lie down comfortably.

If you already have a crate of your own , you are welcome to use it, but it must be in good clean condition and meet approved airline standards. The more familiar with the crate the more relaxed your pet will feel during transit.

Airline regulations change from time to time so we will need to verify that yours meets current standards. If you don’t have your own crate you can choose to hire or purchase. We stock a full range to suit all types of animals. We would not recommend transferring some smaller animals ie. Cats, Birds, Rabbits and Poultry at airports or insecure sites it would be best to purchase a crate. We offer these at competitive prices.

For large dogs it is usually advisable to hire one of ours unless you intend to fly your dog more frequently.

Hire Crates
A service provided for passengers travelling on the same flight as their pets. Please be aware that most airlines don’t provide this service.
We provide crate hire for domestic routes, but also have a wide range of crates available to purchase for your own personal use.
Crate sizes are tailored to the individual pets’ needs and comply with all domestic and international airline standards.