Aviary Bird Transport Melbourne


Birds are amazingly difficult to transport across Melbourne. With the strict regulations and procedures, aviary bird transportation has become a tedious task for the pet lovers. They require a number of permits and should deal with different government offices, especially for international bird transportation.

How would we help you with bird transport?

  • If you are planning to move in and out of Melbourne and want assistance in moving pet birds, Premier Pet Transport is there to help you. With several years of experience, we have successfully transported birds across Melbourne as well as to other parts of the world without subjecting birds to adverse effects during transportation.
  • Premier Pet Transport supplies appropriate crates for your pet bird. Our crates are spacious and comfortable ensuring that your birds travel in a cozy environment throughout the journey. We guarantee that our crates work perfectly for parrots, budgies, cockatiels, love birds and other bird species.
  • We include wire mesh over the vents and doors and also fix dishes for food and water. All our crates are custom made from high quality raw materials and are designed to make your bird feel comfortable and safe all through the trip.
  • We also have well trained veterinarians who take care of your pet birds and its health condition until they reach the intended destinations. This gives you a peace of mind knowing that your pet birds are in the safe hands.

Moving birds is not complex and expensive anymore. Whether you want to transport your birds locally or internationally, Premier Pet Transport knows how to do it. We guarantee that your birds will travel in a safe and manifested crate with complete convenience.

Need aviary bird transport Melbourne, Australia? Contact Premier Pet Transport today!