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ML CuNi30Fe | We are the specialists for welding consumables ...Filler metal for joining and surfacing of Al-bronze, brass, steel- and cast-iron, as well as for MIG-brazing of carbonsteel with and without coating.

DIN CuNi30Fe Copper Alloys: Chemical Composition & other ...Chemical Composition of DIN CuNi30Fe Copper Alloys UNS ID: 2.0882 CuNi30Fe Copper Alloys consists of Zinc (0% - 0.5%), Lead (0% - 0.03%), Copper (Bal) as primary components.

CuNi30Fe | CertilasCuNi30Fe. Copper-Nickel alloyed Mig / Tig welding wire. This Copper-Nickel weld metal is widely used for marine and desalination applications. Dissimilar-welding applications for this alloy are joints between Monel alloys or Nickel 200 and Copper-Nickel alloys. Often used for surfacing on steel by using Ceweld NiTi-3 as a barrier layer.

BÖHLER CuNi30 Fe-IGCopper nickel alloys with up to 30 % nickel CuNi10Fe1Mn (2.0872), CuNi20Fe (2.0878), CuNi30Fe (2.0882) UNS C71500, C70600 . Typical analysis of the TIG rods (wt.-%) C Mn Ni Fe Ti Cu wt-% < 0.05 0.8 30 0.6 < 0.5 Bal. Mechanical properties of all-weld metal . Condition Yield strength R. e

Copper-Nickel, CuNi30, Cu7158, welding wireCopper-Nickel, CuNi30, Cu7158, welding wire, Especially good for seawater corrosion resistance. Particularly suitable for the welding and hard facing of copper nickel such as machinery, desalting of seawater, ship-building, oil refinery, and food processing industries. Also suitable for welding of nonferrous alloys, dissimilar steel materials.

Specialising in Cupro Nickel, Copper & Copper Alloys ...Cunifer 30 can be welded with 70/30 copper-nickel filler metal. Table 1 gives details of material specification. Country 90/10 copper-nickel-iron 70/ 30 copper-nickel-iron Flux-coated electrode Filler wire Flux-coated electrode Filler wire Germany DIN1733 S-CuNi10Fe Mat No. 2.0873 DIN1733 S-CuNi10Fe Mat No. 2.0873 DIN1733 S-CuNi30Fe Mat No. 2 ...

Copper alloys - brasageProduct family: Welding Alloys Geka France » Copper alloys for Welding ... DIN 1733 : SG-CuNi30Fe ISO 24373 : Cu7158: 7061M: 7061 MIG Wire: DIN 1733 : SG-CuNi10Fe ...

Cupronickel - WikipediaCupronickel or copper-nickel (CuNi) is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese. The copper content typically varies from 60 to 90 percent. ( Monel is a nickel-copper alloy that contains a minimum of 52 percent nickel.) Despite its high copper content, cupronickel is silver in colour.

Condensers Copper Nickel Tube Cupro Nickel 70 30 ASME SB111 ...Copper Alloy UNS C71500 Copper Nickel 30% Copper Nickel 715 Cupro Nickel 70/30 Cupronickel CuNi 70/30 CuNi30Fe: Bar ASTM B122, ASTM B151, MIL-C-15726F Pipe, Seamless ASME SB466, ASTM B466, MIL-T-16420K Pipe, Welded ASME SB467, ASTM B467, ASTM B608, MIL-T-16420K Seamless Condenser Tube MIL-T-15005F, ASME SB-111, ASTM B 111, Temper 061 (Annealed ... Mauviel Made In France Copperbrill Copper Cleaner ...Mauviel Made In France M'Passion 2191.26 Copper 10-Inch/4.6L/4.9-Quart Egg White Bowl with Ring

Copper-Nickel Alloys: Properties, Processing, ApplicationsThe density of copper (8.93 kg/dm 3 at 20 °C) varies only slightly with increasing nickel content (density of nickel at 20 °C = 8.9 kg/dm 3) and is 8.9 kg/dm3 for all Cu-Ni alloys specified in DIN 17 664. This aspect can also be seen in Table 7 with the physical properties of the Cu-Ni resistance alloys to DIN 17 471.

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